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5. The Ring of Fire and Convergent Plate Boundaries

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1. Introduction

2. Global Distribution

3.  Earthquakes & Plate Boundaries

4. The Ring of Fire

5. Convergent Boundaries

6. Atlantic Ocean

7. Atlantic Ocean II

8. Alaska Earthquake

9. Vertical Slice

10. 3-D Look

11. California Plate Boundaries

12. Are You Prepared?

13. Mendocino Triple Junction

14. Could It Happen Here?


Notice the distribution of active volcanoes around the Pacific Rim as shown by the small gray triangles. Remember that convergent plate boundaries have volcanoes, forming volcanic arcs if on land or island arcs if at sea. 

-- no wonder it is called the "Ring of Fire"

The Ring of Fire outlines the region of some of the largest earthquakes ever recorded. This ring of earthquakes coincides with a ring of active, explosive volcanoes (triangles), such as Mount Pinatubo (and many others) in the Philippines, the volcanoes in Japan and Alaska, Mount St. Helens, Mount Shasta, and Mount Lassen in the northwest U.S. (including California), and the volcanoes located throughout Mexico, Central and South America, in addition to the southwest Pacific.

oceanic-continetal convergent plate boundary
ocean-ocean convergent plate boundary

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